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COVID-19 Training Material

Document NameDateDownload
Dead body management30-05-2020Video
Laundry management30-05-2020Video
BMW management30-05-2020Video
Sample collection30-05-2020Video
Revised discharge policy and CCC technical protocols27-05-2020PPT
Revised Guidelines for Home Isolation27-05-2020PPT
Symptomatic categorization and appropriate referrals to COVID hospitals27-05-2020PDF
Clinical Management of COVID-1927-05-2020PPT
Guidance for management of pregnant women in COVID-19 pandemic27-05-2020PPT
Revised pediatric care guideline in COVID-19 perspective27-05-2020PPT
COVID-19 Mortality in Madhya Pradesh27-05-2020PPT
Contact Tracing27-05-2020PPT
Managing Health Care Workers27-05-2020PPT
Containment plan for clusters and large outbreaks27-05-2020PPT
Care of Migrant Laborers & Addressing their public health needs27-05-2020PDF
SARI & ILI Surveillance & Contact 27-05-2020PPT
Revised fever clinic concept & implementation27-05-2020PPT
Manual for RT-PCR App27-05-2020PDF
Objectives of Training and Training Overview for Medical Officers and Staff Nurses27-05-2020PDF | PPT
Technical Protocols, Referral and Discharge Policy - Types of COVID facilities and Admission Protocols - CCC, DCHC27-05-2020PPT
Lab Protocol and Sampling at CCC,DCHC27-05-2020PDF | PPT
Infection Prevention and Control Measures – IPC27-05-2020PDF | PDF
Clinical management of COVID-19 cases27-05-2020PDF | PPT
Paediatric care guidelines for COVID-1927-05-2020PDF | PPT
Management of pregnant women in COVID-1927-05-2020PDF | PPT
Psychological care of COVID-19 patients27-05-2020PDF | PPT
Management of Nutritional Needs of COVID 19 Patients27-05-2020PDF | PPT
Introduction to COVID-1927-05-2020PDF
Biomedical Waste Management, Food and Laundry27-05-2020PDF | PPT
Dead Body Management 27-05-2020PDF | PPT
ZOOM Webinar for Training of Trainers on COVID Protocols27-05-2020PDF